15 Incredible Prince Tattoos That Prove Art Is The Best Way To Remember Him

In the wake of Prince's death, rain isn't the only purple flowing. Mega fans are heading to tattoo parlors, using the royal shade for memorial ink.

Whether the designs are simple or complex (think a feline dressed as "Purple Rain" Prince), it's clear that the legendary musician's fans are commemorating a life spent making art with more of the same.

Prince, in all his gender-bending, erotic glory would totally be proud, given so many pay particular attention to his cheekbones and trademark pout.

Here's Prince in all his majestic glory, accentuated by purple tears.

The only word to accurately describe this portrait is "sensual."

"Erotic" also works.

In the words of Prince: "Girl, U need pussy control."

One adoring fan even begs, "Take me with you."

This rock-n-roll dove crying holds Prince's famous guitar.

Here's a line from Prince's 1986 ballad of the same name.

A detailed, black-and-white portrait of the icon does his sly smirk justice.

A cartoon-style Prince from his "Purple Rain" days is subtle, but clear.

My personal favorite is this detailed Prince that combines countless motifs from his career.

The opening line of "Let's Go Crazy" has never been more accurate.

A fan pays tribute to one of Prince's most famous B-sides.

Teardrop-shaped rain falling on a purple umbrella speaks volumes.

A bouffant-wearing dove carries Prince's infamous "Love Symbol."

A real tribute to Prince must include both his cheekbones and his chest hair.