Why Mascara Is The Only Beauty Item You Need

by Gigi Engle

If someone asked me to name three important grooming items that I absolutely could not live without, I'd respond quickly and confidently: Give me a toothbrush, moisturizer and MASCARA.

I need makeup to feel like my best self. And the makeup product I cannot live without is mascara. That's because mascara is absolutely essential to my routine and my beauty look.

I know it's a lot of pressure to put on one piece of makeup, but as any girl will tell you, mascara is seriously important. Sure, I love a dreamy eyeliner, a luxurious foundation and a poppin' blush, but I COULD live without them if I had to.

NOT mascara. I will not live without mascara.

Why? Here are six irrefutable reasons mascara is the only beauty item you need.

1. Mascara is the most important tool you need to look bright-eyed in the morning.

After a night of dancing with the girls, you desperately need to pull yourself together before a long and grueling day at the office. And mascara will be your savior every single time. It is the only tried and true makeup tool to make your eyes pop.

A good mascara pulls your tired lids back from the trenches, making you look like you got a full eight hours of sleep — even if you were out dancing until 3 am.

2. It can double as eyeliner.

Running low on your eyeliner? Never fear. Dab your wand on a tissue and use it to carefully smudge some mascara into your lower lashes to create a fabulous, effortless smokey eye.

Clean up the excess makeup and bam, you're set. Who knew one tube of makeup could serve as a one-stop-shop for your eye makeup routine?

3. It's the right kind of drama.

We fierce women love us some drama, drama, drama. This is especially true when it comes to BEAUTY.

Mascara gives us that little bit of oomph on an otherwise drab morning. And the difference between not wearing mascara and wearing mascara is anything but subtle.

Mascara has the ability to take your look from lame to WOW in under a minute. Just swoop up your lashes and there you are: a total vixen, ready to take on the world.

4. Mascara can do it all.

Mascara can be used in so many different ways, and the products out there literally do IT ALL. Thanks to advanced curling wands and richly colored hues, you can basically toss out your lash curlers and base coats. Mascara is ALL you need.

Mascara adds effect for a wild night out; it pulls you together on hectic mornings; and it makes you feel sexy and strong on an otherwise average day.

When it comes to makeup, self-expression and sex appeal, mascara has you covered.

5. The right mascara allows a girl to express herself.

Makeup is all about self-expression. It gives a woman the power to increase her confidence and feel good about herself.

We ladies love to accentuate our eyes, and mascara lets us effortlessly draw attention to them. If we're feeling a little fun and flirty, mascara lets us reflect that.

6. It makes the biggest difference.

Sure a bold lip can pack a punch, but it isn't going to offset your droopy eyes.

Mascara is the game changer. Your eyes just don't look as good without it.

Out of everything in your makeup bag, it is the most important item. Don't mess with a woman's mascara!

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