'Marble Lips' Are A Thing Now, And They're Weirdly Hypnotizing

by Rosey Baker

The MUAs on Instagram have topped themselves again. Whenever I need to disappear for an hour in a vortex of all things beautiful, I just head to the 'Gram, and these makeup artists never let me down.

Perhaps because Instagram has provided artists with an up-close gallery of their work, people who generally don't care much about makeup can appreciate it in all it's detailed glory, and the new marble lips trend is a perfect example of it.

Sure, I'm not gonna walk outside with lips that have the gorgeous swirls of an oil spill in a sidewalk puddle (my face is the sidewalk puddle in this metaphor), but I can appreciate the look on others in all it's mesmerizing beauty.

Makeup artists have started painting lips to look like sexy intergalactic smoochers.

The detail is insane:

I don't know how they come up with this brilliance but the lengths to which they go in their imagination is as deep as the patterns in this woman's perfect pout.


You'll get lost in them:

This one is insanely gorgeous.

Again, I'm not gonna go outside in it, but I mean she looks like a magical outer space vampire-fairy chewing on an alien candy necklace.

I am inspired AF.


Using a matte shade of pink underneath metallic gloss, this one is a gorgeous use of the kind of color combining artists have used as the trends evolved.

Metallics make the look pop.

The marble lips thing started with makeup artists using a couple of neutral shades, like grey or white, but quickly took off to incorporate a variety of shades and materials, like this metallic champagne liquid liner.


As artists got progressively more experimental with swirled shades of multicolored glosses, liners and matte lipsticks, their work became more and more hypnotic.

To create these super detailed looks, artists begin with a matte base coat of lip color, then add swirls of color carefully to the dried liquid base coat. Some use a gloss to give it the "wet paint" look, which happens to be my favorite one to get lost in.

Just don't even think about trying this if you plan on eating something when you go out.

I mean can you imagine the damage a hot dog could do to this?

Or worse, can you imagine having to say "no" to eating a hot dog?