Makeup Artist Transformed Herself Into A Peacock And You Can't Even Contour

If you have a steady hand and an Instagram, there's no reason not to let your budding inner artist out — no matter what your day job is.

Take, for example, a hairstylist named Dre. She's been using platforms like Reddit and Instagram to show off her side hustle as an amateur makeup artist, dabbling in special effects makeup and dramatic transformations. Most recently, she posted an incredible peacock portrait completed on her body. The full painting took Dre five hours and was done all in makeup and face paint, according to comments she posted to Reddit's MakeupAddiction thread.

Most of us struggle to fill in our lips without smearing liner everywhere, yet this woman is drawing full-fledged masterpieces on herself. Cool.

Dre used Mehron face paint, Essence mascara and Maybelline Fit Me foundation to achieve her look. And that brilliant red lipstick? Russian Red, by MAC Cosmetics. The look is so unique because Dre still manages to pull off a full face of makeup, while simultaneously painting art onto her face and chest. She didn't just make her entire face look like a bird.

Morever, this isn't just a paint-by-numbers bird. Each block of color contains many shades, from the shimmery greens and blues on the bird's neck to its elaborate wing feathers.

Dre posted the painting process to Instagram, calling it an “all day project.”

The final look was inspired by a photo the amateur makeup artist had seen on Tumblr.

But peacocks aren't the only project Dre has undertaken.

Since she began dabbling in makeup this past May, she's posted plenty of incredible transformations.

A casual zombie pin-up girl, for example.

She's even been a good-natured sloth.

Not to be mistaken for a panda (panda panda panda panda).

Girl, you should really see a doctor for that.

That, too.

On the bright side, your Wolverine beard is growing in nicely.

Keep these transformations coming.