How To Take Last Night's Look To The Office The Next Day

By Gigi Engle

Sometimes a rough night out can lead to an even rougher morning -- and if morning-after hell strikes during the work week, you're going to need to pull it together -- fast!

Add to the already-awful mix the fact you didn't make it home last night, and you're kinda screwed, right?

Wrong. It's totally possible (and if we're being honest, easier than you think) to take yourself from hot mess to HBIC, even if you're slipping on stockings in a Burger King bathroom.

The formula to take you from tragic to tasteful just needs a little foresight. Before you hit the bar, leave your apartment prepared, confident you can make tonight's look work for tomorrow's all-hands meeting.

With a little finesse, any highly inappropriate bar garb can be tailored to your cubicle.

What to do when you couldn't resist wearing a tight leather dress:

You might've felt crazy, sexy, cool last night in your leather frock, but chances are you're rethinking your outfit du jour now you've got to wear it all day -- and those patent leather pumps?

No thanks. Instead, put those items you have stored at your desk to good use.

Grab the oversized pullover (you know, the one you permanently keep on the back of your chair when your office is confused about the weather) to neutralize the tight leather dress you can't fathom peeling off right now.

Those swanky stilettos from last night won't make even the short walk to lunch (sorry), so once you're there, swap the stems in favor of the flats you've stashed under your desk.

You might not have a ton of time to pull it together, but you better not drag your butt into the office looking like you're probably missing your panties. Your colleagues will judge you.

Solve the low-cut situation with 50 shades of suede:

Worried your jeans might be a little underwhelming for the bar? 

Don a brightly-colored lipstick for added effect without another wardrobe piece to worry about tomorrow. The good news is jeans are completely transitional, so these can easily be slept in and worn again.

Now let's tackle the hard part: your top. At the bar, more skin is a good thing; at the office, more skin is a sure-fire way to be sent home early and entirely embarrassed.

To satisfy your need for nude and your need for a steady paycheck, think in layers. Take off a cardigan when you need to, and add on when it's appropriate.

Since we're in the swing of a change in seasons, layers aren't just practical: they're necessary. Stash a sweater in your bag or pack a cami to layer under your cleavage-bearing top.

One last tip: Save the sultry lip for talking back to your bestie -- not your boss.

Don't be afraid to use your man (or the random guy you took home):

"Boyfriend" clothes are men's clothes, sure, but it doesn't mean they can't be altered to fit with your last-ditch attempt to look acceptable.

If you dialed up your booty call (er... boyfriend) after the lethal third drink, don't think throwing on his Modest Mouse tee the next morning is going to say anything other than “I haven't seen the inside of my apartment or a clean shower since Tuesday.”

Instead, ditch the revealing top you wore altogether. If you paired your bondage-style top with a tight monochromatic skirt, nab his oversized button down for the day.

If you're wearing jeans and a barely-there top, get your hands on his bold oxford shirt ASAP and give your pout a touch of color.