These Magnetic Lashes Are Perfect For Girls Who Suck At Applying Falsies

by Emily Arata

Superman fell prey to kryptonite. Samson lost his strength along with his hair. I can draw on a fully-contoured face mid-subway commute, but fake eyelashes are my downfall.

Maybe it's my contacts, always dry and threatening to cause a scene, but nestling lashes alongside my own seems like a Herculean task. The only people who do it well are professionals and those who've somehow evolved past blinking.

Don't even get me started on how they peel away from eyelids two hours into whichever party I'm attending, curling up and away like comedic sea slugs.

Katy Stoka knows the feeling, which is why she launched a line of magnet-based synthetic eyelashes called One Two Lash. The reusable product comes in pairs, so a set sits above the lash line as well as below. The magnetic connection between the two strips keeps them together.

Sound complicated? Stoka assures customers it's just a matter of practice making perfect:

Customers who pre-order the $59 lash kits are treated to the full luxury experience: a box reminiscent of those used for luxury jewelry, with a custom cushion to set the falsies on.

According to Stoka's website, a patent is pending for the technology, and her first orders will begin shipping in July.

Women can wear false lashes without once sticking their thumbs to their eyelids with quick-drying lash glue. What a time to be alive.

Gone are the days of drawing on dramatic liner just to cover up the awkward gap between the strip and lash line.

Pick “original,” “bold,” accent” or “filler” style, and then watch Stoka's detailed video tutorials to become a lash pro.

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