Magazine Gives Sexist Advice, Telling Female Lawyers Not To Dress Like Lady Gaga

Women in the workforce already have enough to worry about — like excelling at their jobs while still commanding equal pay — but, for some reason, outside sources are still so preoccupied with what women are wearing.

Call it style over substance, but one legal magazine as taken instructions on how female attorneys should dress to a whole new level of stupid and sexist.

In a guide entitled "The Importance of a Woman's Image in the Workplace" and published in LegalInk Magazine, the author suggests a whole slew of issues women must be cognizant of.

While meaning to be helpful, the tips and tricks come off as condescending. Among the advice is that working women can't wear a heel that's greater than two and a half inches, nor can the shoe show any toe. If you don't follow this rule, the article warns, you won't be taken seriously.

One reader perfectly captures our frustration with the comment:

I’m so glad this man is letting me know that no one will ever take me seriously if I wear shoes taller than 2.5 inches.

Another gem?

You want to look like an attorney, not Lady Gaga.

Don't dress like Lady Gaga. Female Attorney, you were smart enough to make it through three grueling years of law school and to pass the Bar Exam, but you're still too silly to know that a meat-inspired dress or a sequined leotard is not OK office attire.

Thanks for the tip, LegalInk.

via Above the Law, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It