Louboutin Interlopa Boot

If you like to be as tall as the models during New York fashion week, trendy as Anna Wintour while adding a sexy touch: The Louboutin Interlopa Boot is for you. With its 6. 3 inch heel, platform front, exquisite black suede and train of leather fringes, you’re guaranteed to stir attention wherever you catwalk. We just love the sound the fringes make as we strut down the street; it’s the sound success (and S&M whip!).

Day: Wear it with a pair of jeans, leggings or for a full-on effect: leather pants. Accessorize it lightly, as the boots in themselves are eye-catching and quite “in your face.” Singer Ciara pulled it off nicely the other day, matching the boot with black pants, a pale, light blue blouse and a bowling bag in grey crocodile. For the bold girlfriend in Miami and L.A, you can even wear the boot with a pair of jeans hot-pants. Tone it down with an oversized tee though, to get that Coachella effect de Luxe.

Night: If these boots automatically don’t make you skip the line at both Catch and Avenue, then the doormen obviously need to be replaced pronto. Wear the boots with black tights (for a long, “skinny leg-effect”) and a short dress. Glam it up with a black clutch. Don’t overdo it with cleavage and make sure to have a guy leading you over that Meatpacking cobblestone; it is dangerous to cross it solo in heels. Don’t worry about the male company as men will be eyeing you down, picturing you in nothing but the boots; by the end of the night they will have paid for themselves five times over.

The Interlopa Boot is for the Alpha-woman in NYC, London, Milan or Paris who’s out to catch a man, close a deal or put a bitch in her place.

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Anna Mikulowska Madsen | Elite.