5 Ways To Make Sure You Don't Look Hungover After Your Bachelorette Party

Planning a wedding is a lengthy process filled with stressors, decisions and mishaps. The process takes a ton of energy out of the bride. Even with a wedding planner, stress can truly reign supreme. Emergency fittings, last-minute cancellations and general finalizations are all common occurrences that are sure to drive a bride crazy when she should be gearing up for her big day.

When you celebrate your bachelorette party, you are entering the homestretch before you say, "I do," and it should come as no shock that things can get a little crazy. After this much-needed release, though, it's crunch time.

Here are some last-minute beauty tactics to make sure every bride shines the way she deserves on her wedding day:

1. Do a detox.

Some people call them phony, while others swear by them. No matter what your goals are, one thing is for certain: Everyone wants to feel amazing on her wedding day. Your appearance is only one small part of this.

The weeks leading up to your wedding are bound to be filled with stressors. Keeping your body healthy and energized will allow you to combat this stress and arrive at your wedding looking and feeling your best. Tea cleanses are very popular nowadays, but changing to a clean diet is the most important first step.

Avoid fatty or salty foods before your wedding, as they will cause the body to retain water and bloat the tummy. Drinking lots of water will also assist you in more ways than one. So, keep the skin clear and prevent uncomfortable bloating.

2. Adopt a killer skincare regimen.

This is particularly important after a potentially booze-induced hen night. Alcohol is known to have harsh, negative effects on the skin, making it even more crucial to take extra care of this area before the big day. No woman wants a pesky pimple or oily surface area when she's being pampered and primped, and this can be avoided by prepping the skin in advance.

Always be sure to cleanse your face at the end of each night, removing all makeup. Toners and anti-wrinkle night creams are also an easy way keep the skin clear, soft and supple. Heading to the bank-breaking spa for a facial is probably out of the question when funding a wedding, but there are an abundance of DIY masks that you can make out of common household substances and groceries. Choose one that suits your skin and/or addresses some of your unique skin characteristics, and apply twice a week up until the wedding.

3. Use mineral cosmetics.

To keep that natural glow, apply this to not only your pre-wedding procedure, but also your everyday routine. By using mineral-based makeup, you are further amping up the skincare regimen and making healthy choices for your complexion. This is especially true when concerning foundation, concealer and powder.

There are a seemingly endless list of mineral powder benefits, but the main goal during this time is to protect your skin. Using mineral cosmetics actualizes this goal. Make sure to do a test run with your full hair and makeup plan before the wedding, as well. It doesn't matter how simple or intricate your beauty scheme is. Doing a trial will allow you to work out any kinks and lessen the risk of wedding day errors.

4. Sort out your hair.

If hair maintenance is not something you regularly practice, make this a priority. Whether you are going for an elaborate up-do or rocking loose locks, all brides want to achieve a flawless look. Make sure to have a trim a few weeks before the ceremony as opposed to a few days before. This allows for a regrowth period in the event of a mistake or a "just not right" situation.

Apply this mentality to any coloring or highlighting as well. For texture and shine, trying using keratin-rich shampoo and conditioner, or if you can, invest in a professional hair treatment at a salon.

5. Get enough sleep.

It's not about going to bed early or waking up later. The most important thing is to allow your body to adequately rest and recover, and this is all even more relevant during times of stress, anxiety and anticipation. Allow yourself to mentally and physically check out at the end of the day, falling asleep in a comfortable bed without any TV or distractions.

Doctors have also recommended getting up at the same time every day, as it sets a natural biological rhythm within your body. Waking up with a clear and healthy mind will help you to manage wedding planning challenges, stay sane and enjoy the lifelong memories you are sure to make.