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Who You Are Today Boils Down To Which Literary Heroine You Admired Most

I was always the kind of kid who favored reading over watching any movie or TV show.

I was also a first-generation immigrant from a country where the primary language wasn’t English. To me, books were the most important tools I had on my journey to mastering a language entirely unfamiliar.

With books, there was always a dictionary handy. With TV and movies, I had to study the faces of the people around me to gauge what sort of reaction I should have at a particularly pivotal moment.

My early love of books didn't just help me learn a new language, it also introduced me to my very first role models: Hermione Granger, Beezus and Ramona Quimby and Matilda Wormwood. I saw myself in Hermione’s “know-it-all” attitude, Ramona’s curiosity and Matilda’s defiance. As I got older, I began to see myself more in other heroines: Elizabeth Bennet, Daenerys Targaryen and Jane Eyre.

We all have our favorites — and whether you love them because they’re your #WCW or part of your #squadgoals, you know you can always relate to these bookworm protagonists.

Katniss Everdeen, “The Hunger Games” trilogy

You’re the kind of girl who always considered herself “one of the guys” and never quite got along with girls. You also owned army jackets way before they were cool, not that you would ever tell anyone because God forbid people referred to you as "fashionable."

You’re a total meat lover at heart (ribs, especially) and have a peculiar aversion to berries.

Hermione Granger, “Harry Potter” series

You were made fun of in elementary and middle school because your glasses and weird teeth made you look like a dork. You also didn’t hit puberty until 14 and suddenly became hot overnight.

You call yourself “the smart one” in your friend group, but secretly you're just really fast at Googling sh*t. Like, magically fast.

Elizabeth Bennet, “Pride and Prejudice”

You call it speaking your mind, others call it being a c*nt, so get it together. You’re kind of a smart ass and while those closest to you love you for it, it’s not exactly going to win you any new friends.

You’re guilty of planning your honeymoon and naming your unborn children after the first date. You don’t sleep with people too quickly because you feel meaningful relationships don’t start off with sex.

Hey, it worked for Carrie and Big.

Jane Eyre, “Jane Eyre”

You’re that quiet girl in the back of your class and the chick that never speaks up during meetings. It's not like you don’t have ideas, you just prefer not to voice them. You’re very selective with your friend group, but the people you do associate yourself with are ride or die.

You probably helped out backstage during school musicals while secretly wishing you could be the girl on stage. Get some highlights, slip on a skanky dress and get it, girl. Quit being a p*ssy.

Daenerys Targaryen, “Game of Thrones”

You either have a cat named Khaleesi or have the name tattooed somewhere. Your Twitter bio also includes “Mother of Dragons.” You’ve attempted to dye your hair white-blonde (or at least bought a wig) and ended up having to cut it all off in a pixie cut because your locks turned to straw.

You know how to rock the sh*t out of thigh-high boots and leather pants. Also, you liked to wear shark tooth necklaces in middle school.

Your ClassPass is filled with kickboxing reservations. You do you.

Éponine Thénardier, "Les Misérables”

Oh, you sad b*tch, you. Sorry, sweetie, but he’s never going to love you back. It’s time to move on. Have a drink. Have two.

Daisy Buchanan, “The Great Gatsby”

You have Marilyn Monroe quotes framed above your bed. Your life motto is “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and your dream dinner party guest is Coco Chanel. You drink white wine at dinner, no matter how much people make fun of you.

Your life goal is to have a house that resembles your Welcome Home Pinterest board. Dream big.

Scarlett O’Hara, “Gone With the Wind”

You’re a drama queen. Beyoncé is your life guru, and you totally Instagrammed a #wokeupflawless pic in the last two weeks. Your favorite animal? Peacocks, duh.

You’re a natural-born leader and are used to getting your way. You pride yourself on having an extraordinarily large circle of friends and always have something to do on weekends.

Anne, “Anne of Green Gables”

You know the words to every “Sound of Music” song. You are the one who speaks up when someone is being treated unfairly. Because of this, you definitely got beat up a couple of times in middle school, though, you don’t regret it. You’re all about sticking up for the underdog.

You were always a bit insecure about your appearance, but you shouldn’t worry -- your best friend thinks you’re a fox.

Matilda Wormwood, “Matilda”

You were always a bit of a rebel, though you wouldn’t consider yourself one. Your parents wanted you to be a doctor or lawyer when you grew up, but you were a liberal arts major, and they secretly never got over it.

Your ideal date is in a library, and you judge your Tinder matches on their grammar.