List Of Best Jobs For Women Aims To Be Optimistic But Comes Off As Slightly Sexist

Women are still figuring out ways to better integrate themselves into the workforce; according to the 2012 US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 58 percent of working-age women were either employed or on the job hunt.

Thanks to a survey by, which studied over 200 professions across North America, the "12 best" jobs for women today have been laid out for us.

Unfortunately, many of the positions that this report mentions still maintain sexist notions of what types of roles women should be filling.

Within the top-six positions listed, for example, three are remarkably reminiscent of what women might have been told to do at a job fair in, say, the 1950s. The jobs listed include dental hygienist, education administrator and event planner.

The survey got its findings by assessing a number of factors, including occupational environment, physical demands, competitiveness, income and stress level.

The company also importantly assessed careers where women represented approximately 60 percent of the workforce, and where the gendered wage gap was lower than usual -- which likely accounts for this skew towards "traditional female roles."

But the good news is that the survey also indicated that women are more and more engaging in positions previously thought to be reserved for men.

Computer Systems Analyst, for example, was listed in the top-five careers for women and boasted one of the highest projected growth outlooks for female employees with an anticipated 25 percent over the next eight years.

via CBS, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It