Lilly Pulitzer And Hanky Panky Are Teaming Up To Create The Best Clothing Line Ever


Two of the girliest brands known to our generation have decided to come together to create what has to be the most sorority-inspired idea I've ever heard.

Lilly Pulitzer and Hanky Panky are joining cult-following-forces to design most likely the most over the top lingerie line we've ever seen.

We won't see the full effects of the line until August 2015, but I can guarantee you females across the country will be anxiously counting down the days. The line will feature 11 different styles that will include both underwear and daywear.

Everyone knows how much of a rip-off the $18 Hanky Panky lace, one size fits all thongs are, so you can imagine this new clothing line won't come cheap.

The items will range in price between $28 and $92 because they are well aware that with this label pairing they can charge whatever they want. The clothing line will be featured at Lilly Pulitzer stores as well as 75 other affiliated retail stores.

I, personally, could not even be paid to use a Pulitzer purse let alone put that print on my body -- but, hey, I guess I'm the odd one out.

H/T: Total Sorority Move, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It