How To Let Your Lingerie Show And Keep It Classy, Not Trashy


In the past, letting your bra show was the ultimate fashion faux pas: Undergarments were to be worn (as the name implies) under your clothes.

But in 2015, the fashion game is different: We’re breaking rules, freeing nipples — why not give our lingerie some time in the spotlight?

After all, today’s bras are meant to be seen; if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be so damn beautiful.

But there’s a difference between letting a little lace peek out under a silky camisole and blindly putting your underthings on full display: They key is to do it tastefully.

To help you navigate this trend, we’ve put together a handful of outfits that demonstrate the acceptable way to put your intimates on display.

Letting your lingerie show has never looked this fashionable.

With A Muscle Tank

[caption id="attachment_1046237" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Polyvore[/caption]

Dip your toes into the visible bra trend by letting a lace bra peek out ever-so-slightly from beneath a sporty muscle tank.

The feminine bra contrasted with the street-ready top adds balance to an otherwise casual look, and a pop of color is unexpected in the best way.

A longline bra keeps the modesty in check.

Peeking From Under A Blouse

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There's something so sexy about the glimpse of a feminine bra from underneath a button-down top.

Opt for a full-coverage bra with feminine details like delicate boning and lace details: The balconette style seen above has a vintage feel that we love. Neutral hues work best; think nudes, ivories and ultra-light pastels.

As A Top

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Borrow from festivalgoers and forgo a traditional shirt in favor of a bra top for a flirty, youthful look.

The key is to avoid looking like you’re wearing just your underwear, so stick to casual fabrics (like cotton or linen) and avoid frilly details like lace and bows.

Longline styles are the only types that work here: Aim for the hem to hit at the base of your ribcage (anything shorter will look too much like a traditional bra).

With A Suit

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Wearing a bra with a more conservative suit is the epitome of cool (think of all the times we've seen this on the red carpet).

Because it's such a risqué look, the rest of your outfit must be relatively toned-town: Try it with flat sandals, and keep the jacket partially buttoned. Neutrals work best here; anything else reads too flashy.

With A Sheer Top

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Too often, people ruin the fun of sheer tops by layering a camisole underneath for modesty.

We say, screw that: Let your bra take center stage.

Opt for a relatively simple style — no frills or bows — and keep the ensemble sleek by staying within one color family.

Finally, full coverage is a must, unless you’re looking to #FreeTheNipple.

As A Crop Top

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Make the gym-to-drinks transition smoother by wearing your sports bra as a crop top.

Ditch the gym shorts and throw on a graphic mini, and if you want a little more coverage, layer a cropped mesh tank on top. You can even keep your sneakers on.

With A Slip Dress

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Most slip dresses already have a boudoir feel to them, so play it up: Layer a sheer triangle bra underneath and let the lace peek out the top and sides of the dress.

Texture is key here: If your dress is satin, opt for a lace bra, and vice versa.

This look could easily read too sexy, so keep add-ons to a minimum and stick to deep, muted shades like navy or eggplant.