Lego's Female Scientist Figurines Have Their Own Twitter And Adult Problems

Lego might have just become the most important, and unique, voice in science.

After answering a little girl's request for female Legos that "go on adventures and have fun," the toy company responded with an all-female Research Institute set. And now, the Lego ladies even have their own Twitter page, @LegoAcademics.

According to the Twitter profile, the tweets document the scientists as they face the "challenges of modern academia." Every post comes with a funny, posed picture of the researchers' daily antics.

Donna Yates, a University of Glasgow archaeologist, runs the Twitter with the help from a GoFundMe page. She told the Washington Post she bought the characters during a fit of "nerdish glee," and decided to use them for a good cause.

The tweets show the scientists "living entirely on leftover conference food" or "enjoying Friday drinks... because they know they'll be working through the weekend," and it's clear they are aimed at older Lego fans — the ones who never got the chance to play with career-oriented female characters.

Scroll down to see the best of these three Lego researchers, as they make strides for women in science.

By the time the @LegoAcademics realized what their project's acronym REALLY meant, it was too late... Dream job. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 14, 2014
Dr Red quickly downs her 4th cup so she won't miss coffee with a coauthor followed by the coffee break team meeting. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 10, 2014
The academics are miffed that they spent the whole day on admin and got no research done at all. Ultrarealistic Lego. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 8, 2014
Work Life Balance @LegoAcademics enjoy Friday drinks...because they know they'll be working through the weekend (v2) — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 12, 2014
Dream job. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 10, 2014
Work Life Balance: The academics enjoy Friday drinks...because they know they will be working through the weekend. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 8, 2014
As it happens, Dr Black has a PhD in 'going viral'... — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 18, 2014
— Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 15, 2014
The @LegoAcademics have been been living entirely on leftover conference food & lecture nibbles for the past 8 days — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 13, 2014
The University email server is experiencing technical problems. Please try again later. We appreciate your patience. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 11, 2014
Dr Brown's conference papers always go WAY over time…and she just READS them. Wake up moderator! — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 9, 2014
To be perfectly honest, Dr. Red is a bit hung over today. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 8, 2014

H/T:The Mary Sue, Photos Courtesy: Twitter