Ladies’ Hump Day Hump Of The Week: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Our Dreamy Don Jon

by Elite Daily Staff

He might be addicted to porn in his upcoming film, "Don Jon," but that won't stop us from thinking he's a total catch. Joseph Gordon-Levitt won our hearts in "500 Days of Summer" and then proved his manhood in "The Dark Knight Rises,"  leaving us head-over-heels since. He's the total package: sweet, smart, charming and super sexy.  From "10 Things I Hate About You" to now, here's 10 things we LOVE about our humpalicious hump of the week, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

He's Got A Good Head on His Shoulders

JGL attended Columbia University (before dropping out to pursue acting).

He Knows How To Rock Out

Mr. Talented can sing, play the drums and melt our hearts with his guitar skills.

He's A Sweetheart

He Sings In The Shower

We want our own serenade!

He Writes, Directs and Stars in His Original Film "Don Jon"

Not an easy feat.

He Showed Us That Nice Guys CAN Finish First

JGL's Got Major Moves

He Knows How To Make Us Smile

He's Down to Earth

Started From the Bottom...Now We Here


Top Photo Credit:  Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV