This Bra Only Unhooks When True Love Is Detected (Video)

Trust the Japanese to come up with this.

This high tech bra, the "True Love Tester," might be the weirdest thing in the world. It uses sensors embedded in the bra to detect a woman's physical response to someone else's sexual advances.

The bra cannot be opened manually, so if a thirsty dude is trying to fondle some breasts without her physiological approval, he is going to have a tough time.

There are so many questions here! If a woman slips and almost falls, but catches herself, does that burst of adrenaline open up her bra? If a woman is getting dressed to go out and is really excited for the night, does the bra not clasp?

Unfortunately, it seems like the only way to answer these questions is to buy one for my girlfriend. Seems like a bit too pricey of an experiment.

H/T: Dangerous Minds