What Kind Of Panties Are You? (Quiz)

Let's talk about PANTIES real quick.

I'm talking about the ones you put on every day -- the ones you're wearing right now, even! (Or not.) There are so many types. There are thongs for when you don't want a panty line and cheekies for when you wanna feel hot with a little coverage. There are granny panties for when you don't want to deal (like when you're on your period). You put on boy shorts for bed and a bikini for when you want to be comfy without feeling like a disgusting whale.

We put them on every morning. We pick them out almost instinctually. We don't think about what they might say about our moods and personalities. There's a pair of panties for every mood. And I would even go so far as to say that there is a type for every personality.

So what kind of panties would you be? Would you be a flirty pair of cheekies? Or maybe you'd be a bikini. Ooh, or are you sexy, powerful thong? No -- maybe you're a fun, playful pair of boy shorts. I know I am FOR SURE a quirky pair of granny panties.

Take this quiz and find out: What kind of panties are you? Remember, this isn't what kind of panties you should buy or what kind of panties you wear the most. This is about your essence. If your personality were a pair of panties, what kind would it be?