20 Times Kim and Kanye Perfectly Coordinated Their Outfits


People love to talk about the fact that if you own a pet for a few years, you will start to look like it. It's a favorite theory of mine that the same thing happens to long-term couples. You can only share a closet for so long before you start pulling on his soft cotton sweatshirts and oversize socks.

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. They may attract an eye-rolling amount of publicity, sure, but the two stars know how to respect each other's style grooves -- though that may be because Kanye famously made Kimmy throw her entire wardrobe in the garbage soon after they started dating.

If the secret to a successful marriage is never stealing your boo's spotlight, Kim and Kanye will be together until they're old, gray and investing heavily in spot liposuction treatments.

Happy anniversary to a couple who knows that checking to make sure you're coordinating (but never wearing the same outfit) is the last stop before heading out the door. Here are some of their best moments.

At this year's Met Gala, Kim dressed as a cyborg. Kanye picked up his Givenchy BeDazzler and updated a denim jacket.

On a recent ski trip, Kanye stuck to athletic-wear to let Kim have the fuzzy, furry spotlight.

Here's a flashback to a long-ago trip in which Kanye's patterned jacket was the star of the show. He graciously allowed Kim to be part of his color scheme, anyway.

It's a good thing Kanye got the memo about gold jewelry that night.

His and hers V-necks were the real winners here.

Neither Kim nor Kanye has ever met a velvet he or she didn't like.

Either Kim stole her hotel room's bathrobe and Kanye just went with it, or this is more high fashion than their usual looks.

Remember the time their wedding aesthetic involved matchy-matchy satin lapels?

I'm willing to believe Kanye wore a full sweatsuit to his daughter's Jerusalem baptism in a subtle attempt to play off his wife's lace veil.

They're clashing, but here's the genius of the thing: They're fashionably clashing.

Kim and Kanye sensibly dressed in neutral cloaks for Glastonbury. I choose to believe this was actually the Quidditch World Cup.

Oh, people wear white while yachting? Well, Kimye does black and olive.

On this particularly memorable day, Kanye echoed Kim's bared pregnancy belly with a low-cut shirt of his own.

Kim may have stopped the presses with her platinum 'do, but Kanye suavely played off her fringe with a flowing coat of his own.

Your pregnant wife only wants to swathe herself in 15 yards of black satin? You, my friend, will do the same out of solidarity.

This couple has never met a theme party it couldn't get behind, especially if the party involves sparkles and velvet.

Kim's taken better photographs, but even this one makes it clear: Kanye loves sticking to a color palette.

Sigh, more fur and velvet. It's tough to be this wealthy.

Here, Kanye lovingly checks to make sure Kim's camel outfit is on snugly. This was probably also their Christmas card that year.

Here's to another year of stylish coordination, you two.