Celeb Stylist Says Pregnant Women Should Thank Kim K For This One Thing

by Emily Arata

Finding out there's a human being growing inside of you is overwhelming, to say the least. Whether or not you planned for a baby, you're in it now. Changing body shape, wild hormones and swollen feet are about to be your new Friday night plans.

The past decade has brought with it many changing aspects of motherhood and diapers, from increased acceptance of breastfeeding in public to a shift in the way we think about pregnancy style.

If you're planning on donning a babymoon bikini or wearing anything other than a caftan, celebrity stylist Jessica Paster says you owe a big old mom-to-mom "thank you" to none other than Kim Kardashian.

In a Fashionista interview about dressing pregnant celeb clients like Emily Blunt, Paster admits she's seen an exponential shift in sartorial attitude toward baby bellies since Kim Kardashian hit the red carpet with a bump. She explained,

Kim set a very different bar when it comes to maternity wear… Like her, I don't rely on maternity wear either because as great as it is, it doesn't really cover all of my clients' needs.

The Kardashian crown princess shook up the pregnancy market, mixing spandex bodysuits with floor-length duster coats ("I wear long coats to cover my fat arms and ass,” Kim wailed in a 2015 press conference).

Never one to hide her body, Kim refused to drape herself in a bedsheet and hide for nine months.

The clearest devotee to Kim's pregnancy wardrobe is Chrissy Teigen, who spent the spring in long sweaters and body-con skirts. It's no coincidence, either -- the two women share a stylist, Monica Rose. Of course, those style choices start out as designer pieces that eventually trickle down to chain stores.

So, when your day to carry a baby finally comes and you're pleasantly surprised to see the fashion choices available, remember to whom you owe a "thank you." Like everything else, it's Kim K's doing.