Kim Kardashian Spoke Out About Gun Control On Twitter

On Monday, the Senate couldn't generate enough bipartisan support for four gun control measures brought forward in the wake of the tragedy in Orlando, the worst mass shooting in US history.

This came not long after a nearly 15-hour filibuster from Senate Democrats demanding action on gun control.

The proposed measures were designed to address background checks and the issue of individuals on the terror watch list being able to purchase firearms.

Most Americans, including gun owners, support expanding background checks for prospective gun buyers in some form or another.

Given people are still reeling from the shooting in Orlando, there was a lot of emotion and anger surrounding the Senate's inability to move forward with what were arguably moderate gun control measures.

Kim Kardashian West joined this chorus of outrage, slamming the Senate for its refusal to do anything about gun violence in the US. She described it as "scary" how easily people in this country can obtain firearms.

In response to her tweets, many wondered whether Kim K has political ambitions. Some seemed to offer their support if she ever decides to run for office.

Others reiterated the call for her husband, Kanye West, to run for president (he said he would in 2020).

Kim K hasn't given any signs in the past she wants to run for office and, as talented and savvy as she might be with personal branding, is arguably not qualified to pursue a career in politics.

But, then again, Donald Trump is currently the presumptive GOP nominee for president. If one former reality TV star can do it, why not another?

I'd vote for her over Trump any day of the week. With that said, I'd probably vote for a dumpster full of steaming dog crap over Trump. But, I digress...

For now, it seems Kim K is content with being a mother, businesswoman, socialite and supporter of Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

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