Kim K Is Bringing Juicy Sweatsuits Back, Just When You Gave Yours Away

<a href="“ target=“_blank”>Kim Kardashian West</a>The early 2000s were not a good time to be a woman getting dressed. For seemingly the first time in history, it was a time without any kind of distinguishable style aesthetic, which was probably because we were all too busy glued to reality TV to care.

Juicy Couture ruled stores with its $200 velour sweatsuits, miniskirts got paired with slogan tees and generally the lower the rise on the jean, the cooler you were.

The overarching aesthetic was something I'd call “heiress chic,” blaming the whole thing on Paris Hilton. While the heady, text-filled days of “Mean Girls” might be over, internet queen (and former closet organizer) Kim Kardashian won't let them die completely.

Although she's long since graduated to sleek designer ensembles, the new cover of Wonderland magazine sees Kim dressed in a neon pink Juicy number, complete with strap-on angel wings.

With just one photo, it all comes rushing back: the Skinny Vanilla Lattes ordered at Starbucks, the Tiffany heart necklaces and rainbow Louis Vuitton bags. After all, what's a Juicy sweatsuit without the necessary accoutrements?

Kim, for one, was such a fan that she dedicated an entire post on her app to the look. This is what Bruce Springsteen sang about in “Glory Days,” right?

The '00s queen wrote,

I was SO obsessed with those classic Juicy Couture tracksuits a few years ago, and had them in every color. I still have all of mine, I can't let them go LOL!

Oh, Kim. Life was so simple for you then.

Even Vogue has argued for the return of the basic girl staple. In the era of sneakers and oversized t-shirts, anything is possible.

Kim's Wonderland cover will officially hit stores on September 23.

We'll be there, oversized bags and all. Nobody tell Paris.

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