Kim Kardashian Gets Cropped Out Of Vogue’s Met Gala Slideshow

Poor Kim Kardashian. Right after she gained acceptance (or so it seems) by the Vogue community, the magazine went ahead and snubbed her in a major way. I think it’s safe to say that the company does not in fact care to be associated with the celebrity.

As you may have heard, Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Givenchy dress has garnered all kinds of media attention. The amount of memes created this past week in dedication to the gown is outrageous, and you know your ensemble is ridiculous when Robin Williams calls you out for stealing a dress out of Mrs. Doubtfire’s closet on Twitter.

It seems as if the fashion magazine has grown to be embarrassed of her appearance at the Met Gala as well.’s slideshow of the event’s 77 best-dressed guests obviously did not include Kardashian. Kanye West, who also donned Givenchy, was featured in the slideshow. Completely fine.

Vogue could have posted a singular picture of Kanye West, but being Vogue, they had to make it clear that Kim Kardashian’s absence from the list was intentional.

Kim got cropped, and in a poor, 12-year-old-editing-photos-for-the-first-time kind of way. Not only is Kanye’s photo (number 66 of 77) notably slimmer than the rest of the photos in the slideshow, but his right hand is actually still clutching Kardashian’s couch-print gloved hand.

All other couples, including Lindsey Vonn and her boyfriend Tiger Woods, remain intact in their slides. So… I’m guessing they really like Kim, right?

Photo Credit: Getty Images