Kim Kardashian Wore A Furkini, Despite It Actually Being Winter

by Gigi Engle

Kim Kardashian recently blessed us with a series of pictures of herself posing in a furkini.

What's a furkini, you ask?

That's a great question. It's exactly what it sounds like: a bikini made of fur.

This leads us to our next question: Why would you want to wear a bikini make of fur?

Well, for snow of course, and for the obvious fact you're Kim Kardashian and on a completely different level than us mere mortals... like we needed the reminder.

The star tweeted out three pictures of herself seductively posing against a wintery background.

She and her hip-hop hubby just got back from a ski vacation, so we can assume the photos were taken on the trip.

We have to wonder if Kim isn't freezing her perfect, juicy booty off in that sad excuse for winterwear.

It would seem to us a bikini made of fur would A) be sh*tty to swim in because the fur would get wet, and B) fail to keep anything but your hoo-ha warm.

The photo shoot was orchestrated by Kanye and we have our (very plausible) suspicions he is behind this entire outfit choice, since Kim recently tweeted he was, in fact, responsible for her upcoming 2015 fashion.

We love you Kim, and your body is gorgeous, but girl, that furkini is f*cking ridiculous.

Reminder: it's f*cking winter.

Are you cold, Kim? Because it's still f*cking winter.