Kendall Jenner Wore Her Most Naked Bodysuit Yet, And No One Even Noticed

Kendall Jenner and her nipples are the best of friends. I know this because I see them together almost every day.

Frankly, it's an admirable trait. Millions of women spend their 20s picking apart their bodies, choosing what to hide instead of what to display.

Though the Kardashian family's main model gets hired to walk the runway all over the world due to her thin body and gazelle-like legs, I'm certain she has insecurities of her own.

Recently, though, Jenner's taken to celebrating a part of her body she does adore: her breasts.

Speaking as someone who's written about boobs on the internet for a few years now, I say the more tit-tent (that's "tit content”) the better.

Kendall has even penned a blog post on the subject, adding, "I just think it's cool."

Fair enough.

So when I spotted Kenny J (I just like to call her that, like 2016's answer to Kenny G.) wearing an ultra-transparent, nude bodysuit on Snapchat yesterday, I knew it was time to talk about it.

During a family gathering, Kendall paired distressed denim with the long-sleeved, high-neck getup, revealing two breasts that looked a lot like a kid who pushed his face against a glass window to blow raspberries. (Read: annoyed and rebelling against the rules.)

It's a bold style choice for several reasons. (I can think of two, without even activating my brain cells.)

The nude color, round neck and long sleeves bear a close resemblance to a ballet dancer's leotard. Just days ago, the internet successfully ripped Kendall apart for posing in a ballet studio and leather ballet flats without any actual dance training.

The takeaway: Never piss off ballerinas because they will come for you on scary pointe shoes.

Looking to lead nips-first, just like Kendall? ASOS offers a budget nude bodysuit for $30, while MATCHESFASHION.COM carries a $580 Balmain version. Or, if you're not afraid of athletes in tutus, buy the plain, old ballet kind.

Kendall, you're always the fashion maven. Oh, and so are your nipples.