Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid Pose As Pets In New Photos


There's one particular criticism that's often hurled at today's top models: You always look the same. Change it up a little! Don't be afraid to get a little weird with your bad selves.

In the 10th anniversary art issue of W Magazine, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid (KenGi, as they call themselves) have finally taken that leap.

That is, they're posing as digitally manipulated “placebo pets,” complete with animal ears and new noses.

Kendall, if you're wondering, is a "bunny-cat" while Gigi is more of a "lion-fox." Both look like extras from "Halloweentown."

Remember when you used to make faces as a child and your mom would say, “Be careful, or your face will stick like that"? Well, this is the equivalent of that, just as it would happen if you used the Snapchat dog filter one too many times in a row.

The shoot was helmed by artists Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch, who convinced the pair to don prosthetics and take on the challenge. W Magazine claims the shoot was born out of the idea that if aliens came to the Earth, only the “friendliest” would survive.

Uh… so we should assume our domesticated pets are actually sophisticated alien species? That would explain why my cat is such a master in the art of passive-aggressively meowing until she gets a treat.

Notably, the artist had Kendall and Gigi pose on a set decorated entirely in materials used for pets. He called it a “cat fish tank,” strangely enough.

Like the space pets they were emulating, the team behind the shoot angled to make KenGi look a lot like the best friends/pets you've always wanted but never actually had.

The vibe for the relationship between their characters on camera was, according to W, "obnoxiously friendly and caring."

This particular shoot may be a masterpiece of technology, Photoshop and fashion, but for the most part, it looks a lot like a Halloween party after you've done four shots of vodka in a row. Kudos to Kendall and Gigi for making their friendship werk, though, both on and off-camera.

You'll certainly think twice before adopting any more pets.