Kardashian Makeup Line Served With Injunction

The Kardashians are infamous for putting a ‘K’ before everything. Their favorite letter fronts every single one of their business ventures, but that might have to change with their cosmetics line, Khroma.

The lawsuit in question was filed this past January, but a judge has just ruled that the brand Khroma cannot continue to use its name due to the similarities it bears to another cosmetics brand, called Kroma.

Kroma is a brand that was trademarked in 2010 by Lee TIllett, a Florida based makeup artist. She began her complaints by sending a cease-and-desist letter to Boldface (the company that produces the Kardashian’s brand) last year.

After some time, Tillett ended up filing a $10 million lawsuit against Khroma alleging that the name was ‘stolen’ and that the striking similarities between the two names would cause confusion in the marketplace. Understandable.

This injunction is still in the preliminary stages, so it has yet to go into effect, but I’m interested to see where this case is headed.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images