You Need This: The Wardrobes Of Every Single Kardashian Woman Ranked

In the midst of New York Fashion Week, as our eyes are overwhelmed with the couture and the trendsetters, it all seems a bit funny when we consider this: The most prevalent face of fashion in the US is the Kardashian family.

Surely, many designers would roll their eyes at that assertion. But who is photographed more frequently, in more ensembles than the raven-haired Kardashian women? Coming to and leaving from an endless series of dinners and step-and-repeats, Kim and her clan practically bombard the public with Internet-breaking wardrobe choices.

That's not to say the family is always in good sartorial taste, however. While Kim and Kendall put hours of effort into what they're seen wearing, other members of the family aren't that conscientious. Tightness often becomes the primary element of their outfits instead of fabric and lines.

Here, in short order, is a definitive ranking of Kardashian style. And please, put down the lip liner.

Kendall: A+

Kendall, half-sister of the Kardashian trio, is a publicist's dream. She's managed to escape the tacky family branding and has successfully broken into high fashion.

You'll see her all over the news this fashion month, most likely posing as Karl Lagerfeld's pet. The 19-year-old ingenue accomplished supermodel status by putting space between herself and her siblings, both sartorially and on social media.

Rarely wearing more than light makeup, Jenner opts for clean silhouettes and understated looks that hang from her stick-thin body instead of hugging it.

Eschewing waist-length extensions and waist trainers, Jenner's more of the girl next door. She's making the Kardashian name gold in fashion circles around the world.

Kourtney: A

As the 5-foot-tall pixie of the Kardashian family, Kourtney has always shown serious expertise in dressing for her dramatically proportioned body. Instead of trying to fit into the season's hottest trends, Kourtney opts for jumpsuits that silhouette her long legs and oversize bust.

It seems as if the eldest sister is nearly constantly pregnant, and it's clear she takes visible joy in dressing her baby bump.

Here's to Kourtney -- she's not high fashion, but she consistently puts on a style show worth emulating.

Kim: B+

Oh, Kim. The high priestess of selfies was once best known for ruffles and cheap satin, teetering alongside reality star Paris Hilton to the hottest clubs and photo shoots in town.

In recent years, Kim has updated her style to include the trendiest designers, but let's not forget her stylist goes mostly unpaid. Husband Kanye West essentially dresses his wife like a curvy Barbie, squeezing her into all his favorite looks.

Kim might have curried designer favor through constant patronage, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't take a break from full-body Spanx and tube tops occasionally. Repeating the same pencil skirt-tank top combo is pure laziness, no matter how much money the items cost.

Ironically, Kim's best look of the year was a make-up free Vogue Spain shoot that found her slight frame hidden beneath men's pajamas.

Khloe: B

Khloe Kardashian spent the first half of her career as an afterthought. Being considered the least good looking of the sisters wore on the middle sister, who began furiously hitting the gym after a split from husband Lamar Odom.

Years and calories later, the 31-year-old has an enviably muscular body, amped up with the help of a waist trainer and, perhaps, a booty lift.

We can't blame Khloe for wanting to show off that bod in skintight apparel, we just wish there were more variety and quality to Khloe's look.

Channeling 2009 Kim, she goes for big hair, costume makeup and clothes that cling to every curve. Where's the mystery, Khloe? Tone it down, and we'll pay attention again.

Caitlyn: B-

Caitlyn Jenner is new to the women's fashion game, but the 65-year-old transgender icon has already taken strides in the right direction by relying on contemporary designers for form-fitting looks.

Although she puts on a show during red carpet events (this year's ESPYs, for example), Caitlyn doesn't live up to that standard in her day to day life.

Photos posted to Instagram show Caitlyn committing the grievous sin of mom jeans, one we just can't forgive. She has also chosen to pair them with an assortment of glittery sandals and flats. Kanye, we need your help over here.

Kris: C

In the early 2000s, Kardashian "momager" Kris was only too happy to jump on her daughters' looks, sporting false eyelashes roughly the length of the average person's pinky finger.

As Kim, Kourtney and Khloe took a step back from bronzer in the years that followed, Kris just couldn't say goodbye to the look she loves so much. She's still an enormous fan of Peter Pan collars, fussy designs and anything with studs.

In an attempt to revamp mom's style, Kim stepped in, sending over an email about buying new outfits that miffed Kris so much she uploaded it to Instagram.

Having the Kardashians dress one another is, as they say, the blind leading the blind.

Kylie: D-

Once the mouse-like younger sister of reality TV princesses, Kylie Jenner has spent the last year evolving into the Juvéderm-pumped heir to Donatella Versace's cosmetic look.

With a line of hair extensions, an older rapper boyfriend and a pound of makeup in every full-face look, Kylie has accidentally aged herself upwards of 10 years. That's not even including her clothing choices, which range from second-skin tight to full-on latex.

Just once, we'd love to see Kylie in a ladylike sundress or something with a bit of an ethereal quality. It's not a crime to dress like the last half of "Pretty Woman" instead of the first.