Second Skin: How To Wear Latex As A Regular Human Being In The Summer

by Niki McGloster

Mr. Christian Grey’s playroom antics are pouring into cinemas and bedrooms, but BDSM-friendly fetish wear has taken center stage in the fashion theater for some time now, dominating high-fashion runways and spilling into celebrity closets.

Perhaps you can recall Britney Spears’ accidental fashion statement in 2000 or more recently, Rihanna's calculated murder plot while decked out in a Vex clothing tank dress and gloves.

To be frank: Latex is exploding and not in a way that causes unplanned pregnancies or STDs.

Rather, the fashion trend is swaddling women's bodies across the nation. Women who wear latex claim they feel more badass, sexier, whether their provocative rubberized items are strategically tucked under everyday clothes or proudly put on boob-lifting display.

Still, as with anything, there’s a slew of women shying away from fetish gear better than Rachel Dolezal dodges questioning, believing that this hot new fashion trend is a personal pressure cooker. But unless you’re allergic, don't skimp on the lubricant and slip into some skin-tight style.

Here’s how:

There’s a learning curve, apparently.

Similar to anal sex, you should slowly ease into your first plastic ensemble. Don’t thrust your thighs into a full-body catsuit at the first sign of cute latex. Start with a thong or bustier first then work your way up into the BDSM big leagues.

Pro-tip: So what if you’re bank account isn’t boasting Kardashian millions. Spend your coins on quality latex.

We weren’t kidding about lube.

Expect some friction when slipping into a rubber-dipped garment. To avoid tearing and shimmying into your gear for over an hour, reach for oil-free lubricant like you’re entering your third round of S&M. If you don’t want to feel like a greased up supermodel, opt to coat the inside of that Atsuko couture dress you’ve been dying to wear with talcum powder.

Limit drinking or swap your cocktails for water.

Attending rooftop happy hours is an unspoken rule during short-shorts weather. But in the event that you’ve worn a less breathable, condom-esque dress to a summer soiree, you better put down that extra Jameson to curb dehydration.

Sweating’s not all that bad.

Because you're wrapped in rubber, sweating is practically unavoidable. But your perspiration actually creates a slippery layer between you and the super snug fit, which can increase mobility as you try to, IDK, take a leak.

Remember to keep your hygiene a priority, but don't panic if a little sweat drizzles your skin.

In the office:


How to Wear Latex in the Summer by elitedaily

It's totally acceptable to keep it your own dirty little secret. Totally go for latex undergarments or accessories but don't go full-on dominatrix in front of your boss.

Feeling bold? Head into the office with a rubber-dipped pencil skirt to ensure you receive more praise than side-eyes.

For date night:

How to Wear Latex in the Summer by elitedaily

It's not rocket science: Wearing a dress that looks like painted on sex will have your beau's boner flying high before the waiter brings the check.

Slip into a shiny crop top and keep the rest of the look cool and simple. Plus, a quickie in the restroom never killed anyone -- until it's time to get that thing back on.