This Is The Reason The Kardashians Won't Promote Their Own Makeup Line

It's hard out there for a Kardashian lady. Obviously, it's not actually physically challenging, unless you count living with a personal chef, glam squad, trainer and assistant as a tough day at work.

But, because the family pulled itself up from medium rich to well-done rich through a thousand different endorsement deals, it's gotten very hard to keep track of it all. Poor momager Kris.

Remember the failed Kardashian credit card? The Sketchers, Quicktrim, Silly Bandz and Carl's Jr.? On top of all those flop endorsements, the family's currently embroiled in a legal battle with Haven Beauty, the company behind Kardashian Beauty cosmetics.

The story goes like this: In 2012, the Kardashians reportedly inked a five-year deal with Boldface Licensing and Branding to launch a makeup line that would have the added bonus of their famous faces, signatures and social media followings. All three sisters were to approve every product in writing before production. The collection was called Khroma Beauty, and Fashion Law reports it was promptly sued for infringing on someone else's registered trademark.

So, Khroma became Kardashian Beauty and Boldface went under, falling under the management of Hillair Capital Management LLC. Hillair then relaunched a beauty brand called Haven, which spawned a new Kardashian Beauty collection. The sisters' legal team promptly informed Haven it had breached their agreement regarding the use of their names and images. They also claimed to not have received any royalties.

Now, Haven wants $10 million in damages from the sisters, the amount it claims to have invested in a brand that's faltering without Kim, Kourtney and Khloé's promotion help. A terribly hilarious anecdote from The Fashion Law explains the suit was filed against the corporations of all three sisters: "2Die4Kourt, Inc.; KhloMoney, Inc.; and KimsAPrincess, Inc.”

And with that, let's all take a moment to remember the days when the Kardashians were anything but klassy: