Jon Stewart Rips Apart The Double Standard The Media Holds Female Politicians To

It's undeniable — there's a definite double-standard for women in politics.

But until now, the hardships they face solely because of their gender hasn't been a laughing matter. Leave it up to Jon Stewart, however, to use humor to highlight just how ridiculous this double standard really is.

Using clips from the likes of Hillary Clinton, John Boehner and Chris Christie, Stewart shows how we have a concern for the emotionality in female politicians, but applaud men who show their "sensitivity" and passion through tears.

We deride women who seem "angry," blaming mood swings or general psychological instability, whereas male politicos are applauded by pundits when they seem "tough," or take non-negotiable stances.

But the best part of Jon Stewart's "The Broads Must Be Crazy" segment? It's definitely the last line:

"In politics, it's OK to be a pussy, as long as you've got a dick."

Lesson learned... or not. Watch the full clip to see how this gendered double standard is just plain dumb.

H/T: Upworthy