80-Year-Old Joan Didion Named The Newest Face of Céline (Photo)

Pack your bags, 20-something supermodels, because Joan Didion is coming for you.

In a newly released preview of luxury brand Céline's Spring 2015 print campaign, the prolific essayist and 1970s icon wears a chic silver bob, her omnipresent large sunglasses and an enormous gold necklace.

Photographer Jürgen Teller captures Didion in all her time-worn glory.

Didion, 80, who was reportedly hand-picked by director Phoebe Philo, represents the kind of timeless, well-traveled elegance of the brand.

Vogue, Didion's erstwhile employer, notes Philo's admittedly been girl-crushing on Didion for years, dedicating parts of the 2015 collection to Didion's aesthetic while strictly adhering to the writer's now ubiquitous easy packing list: two skirts, two jerseys or leotards and a pullover sweater.

In these print photos, Didion's not "Slouching Towards Bethlehem" any longer -- she's arriving in style.

Céline's pick makes perfect sense for its brand image, which always strives to be the height of style with just a dash of unattainability.

In short, they picked the cool girl.

While Didion's age makes her unique, her style is right at home with Céline. This is, after all, the same woman who wrote "In Sable and Dark Glasses."

But, Céline isn't the first designer brand to use elderly, glamorous models in its advertisements.

Back in 2012, Lanvin ran a Fall/Winter campaign featuring 82-year-old Jacquie Tajah Murdock.

Can't get enough Didion?

Look forward to nephew Griffin Dunne's crowdfunded documentary about her career, "We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live," arriving later this year.

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