Jewelry That Doubles As Sex Toys

Our generation is all about multipurpose or multifunction. The easier and more convenient, the better. We don't have the time to waste on having one item serve only one purpose.

The San Francisco-based sex toy start up company, Crave, apparently feels the same way. You may have heard of the company before. Just last year, Crave created a flash drive slash vibrator that raised about $100,000 via a crowd sourcing investment website, and garnered tons of online attention.

Crave, $69, Amazon 

This year, Crave is at it again, by creating a market for “foreplay jewelry.” Essentially, a line of necklaces and bracelets meant for both aesthetic and erotic pleasure.

An example of one of these designs is The Droplet, which is a 43-inch stainless steel chain necklace that will retail for about $100. The necklace can easily be slipped underneath ones clothing for so-called “discreet play.”

The sex toy industry is worth around $5 billion, so there's definitely a market for such products. Will you be purchasing one of these multipurpose toys?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images