Janelle Monáe Gives Women Powerful New Motto To Live By

In a conversation with Huffington Post, singer Janelle Monáe discussed her work with Cover Girl's "Girls Can" campaign and gave powerful women everywhere an inspiring motto for tackling life's challenges: "Come in peace, but mean business."

Huffington Post's Marc Lamont Hill facilitated a discussion with Monáe and had her answer a viewer's question about what women can do to overcome stereotypes and make an impact in a society where older, more conservative generations who resist change at times hold the power.

Monáe responded,

There are many different ways of communicating, and I think women and girls have a unique position, and they have a superpower, if you will, of being compassionate, being vulnerable and at the same time being very strong. If you also can rally around getting a movement -- more girls who share your same sentiments -- I think there's power in numbers. Find a community of women, talk to girls and really figure out how you can get a movement started.

Monáe emphasized in the response that women shouldn't be afraid to speak up for those who are discriminated against or to be wrong.

It's important that we learn from our mistakes and from others because life, she says, is about learning from those who oppose you, and being able to share experiences with others.

Photo Credit: Getty Images