Iskra Lawrence Models 6 Decades Of Bikini Fashion In Gorgeous New Video

We can't get enough of Iskra Lawrence.

The model teaches us a lot about body positivity through swimwear. Previously, she's shown us how easily photos can be altered on social media to make models look like they're curvier or skinnier than they actually are.

She also showed us how easy it is to fake a "thigh gap."

She's not afraid to bare it all.

This time, she's teaching us about the history of women's bathing suits in the most body-positive way ever in this video from SELF.

She takes us from the high-waisted bikinis of the 1950s to the athleisure-inspired swimwear of today.

What I love most about this video is the focus is on the physical activity that each decade of bikinis was inspired by.

In the '60s, surfing was all the rage, and bikinis were inspired by that water sport.

This bikini is adorable.

And in the '70s, when disco was huge, bikinis had a skimpier, flashier look.

I mean, women's bathing suits aren't always about flaunting what your mama gave you. They actually reflect what was going on in that decade.

Check out this '80s-inspired suit with neon colors. Honestly, I'd totally wear that today.

We will never forget the iconic '90s one-piece.

Such a great look.

It's crazy how Lawrence pulls off each bikini.

We now have Lawrence to thank for this bikini inspiration right at the end of bikini season. This video is seriously making me look forward to next summer.

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