Worldwide Chic: The International Fashion Icons We Completely Worship

I love New York fashion. We’re in a pretty committed relationship: The never-ending sea of dark colors, leather and minimalistic pieces screams "home" to me.

We’re not, however, mutually exclusive.

While New York will always be my number one, she won’t always be my only. With Couture Week neatly wrapped behind us and Fashion Week a little over a month away, we're looking across the pond for more fashion inspiration. After all, the best style is worth traveling for.

Check out these top girls to stalk for some major global fashion porn. It's okay if you gawk.

UK: Patricia Bright

Why she’s a goddess: Besides being an uber-babe, Patricia also has a super successful YouTube channel.

Style superlative: Bombshell but approachable.

France: Et Pourquoi Pas Coline?

Why she’s a goddess: This French beauty isn’t just a sartorial one-trick pony. She also offers plenty of beauty tips (like how to get that chic wavy bob!).

Style superlative: Relaxed, downtown chic.

Denmark: Nemesis Babe

Why she’s a goddess: The Dane has vintage-inspired #OOTDs down to an art form.

Style superlative: Vintage with a kick.

Turkey: Maritsa

Why she’s a goddess: The Istanbul-based fashion blogger has an eye for business: She’s partnered with brands like Superga and Gucci.

Style superlative: Breezy Mediterranean cool.

Italy: All the Pretty Birds

Why she’s a goddess: Tamu is so much more than just her wardrobe: The mastermind is the former editor-in-chief of Grazia Italy, and she's currently the style director at Out There, an international creative agency.

Style superlative: Twiggy with an update.

Spain: Fake Leather

Why she’s a goddess: Adriana works as a community manager for three Barcelona-based restaurants while simultaneously maintaining her fashion blog. She’s worked with brands like Salvatore Ferragamo, Coach and Guess.

Style superlative: Minimalist chic.

Kenya: Our Style Kenya

Why she’s a goddess: Besides being one of the biggest fashion bloggers in Kenya, she also landed a gig as a presenter with Nigeria’s Ebony Life Television.

Style superlative: Decidedly ladylike.

South Africa: Fashion by Brett Robson

Why she’s a goddess: Brett can pull off a pixie cut better than Emma Watson, and that’s saying something. She also has her own e-shop, which basically makes her someone you want to invite to redo your closet STAT.

Style superlative: Sexy but not NSFW.

Russia: La Vita Mia

Why she’s a goddess: This “neo-retro” babe (as she describes herself) is truly an international blogger: Her site is translated into both Russian and English.

Style superlative: So girly it hurts.

India: Razzle Dazzle Pickle

Why she’s a goddess: Ritu Arya is about to be your next girl crush. Her blog is all about her love of fashion and music. She’s also the cofounder of Drum and Bass India.

Style superlative: Borrowed from your impeccably-dressed boyfriend.

Phillipines: Vern Verniece

Why they’re goddesses: The sisters blog about more than just what they’re wearing. The site has grown to be a lifestyle space in addition to a style destination. Plus, aren’t they the cutest?!

Style superlative: Whimsical glamazon.


Why she’s a goddess: This chick has literally dabbled in everything: She has a quarterly magazine and has collaborated with Topshop, J.Crew and Sam Edelman.

Style superlative: Witchy fab.

Brazil: Instinto de Vestir

Why she’s a goddess: She's got beauty and brains. This Rio-based lady started her blog while enrolled in a design course in college.

Style superlative: Laid-back romance.

Mexico: My Philosophie

Why she’s a goddess: Don’t just take my word for it: Sofia is the real deal. She started her site before blogs became popular in Mexico and has been recognized by CoolHunter Mexico as one of seven of the country’s “It girls."

Style superlative: Updated basics.

Canada: Gracie Carroll

Why she’s a goddess: Gracie has an enviable resume and the experience to back her spot-on style. She interned at Teen Vogue and worked at ELLE UK.

Style superlative: Real-girl cool.