Intel Presents $495 Snakeskin Smart Watch To Appeal To Women

Meet MICA.

The gold and enamel bracelet, which sells for a hefty $495, is the brainchild of both Intel and Opening Ceremony. MICA (short for My Intelligent Communication Accessory) is throwing down the gauntlet in regards to wearable technology.

Unfortunately, once again, a tech giant fails to understand what many women want.

MICA sounds wonderful on paper. You don't need to carry a smartphone with you, but the chunky bangle still allows access to Facebook, Google, a Garmin GPS and Yelp reviews on its sleek sapphire screen.

The band also features its own SIM card, a battery that reportedly lasts for 48 hours and a private phone number.

And while Intel talks a big game, reviewers have been underwhelmed about the device's practicality.

To begin with, Engadget reports the bangle fits only the most bird-like of wrists. You wouldn't wear it to the gym, for fear of damaging the shiny facade, so you'd need a second fitness-oriented wristband for real exercise.

Alternatively, career-focused and on-the-go women could make use of a device that works with busy schedules.

But do we really need an 18k gold, black water, snakeskin bauble that's more of a costly expense than a useful sidekick?

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If a woman truly goes from work to the gym to socialize, wouldn't she'd need a more versatile wristband with functionality beyond just Facebook, Yelp, Google and GPS services?

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If the MICA's an investment you're looking to make part of your life, it'll be available exclusively at Barney's New York and Opening Ceremony stores in early December.

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