This Instagram Posts Every Crazy Outfit Fran Drescher Wore On 'The Nanny'

by Emily Arata

Where were you when you first accidentally changed the channel to "The Nanny"?

The beloved '90s sitcom featured a down-on-her-luck beauty saleswoman becoming the nanny and (spoiler alert) eventual wife of a wealthy widower.

In the three decades since new shows stopped airing (you can still find syndicated episodes on TV Land), Fran Drescher's nasal "Nanny" voice has never left our collective pop culture conscious.

Even more so, her enormous Queens hair and loud outfits continue to haunt us.

Strangely enough, her taste was nowhere near as poor as our child brains believed.

Doubtless the multicolored costumes were supposed to catch the attention of our still-forming synapses and turn us into baby TV zombies, but they were also incredibly fashionable.

Remember this look? If it looks familiar, you're thinking of Cher in "Clueless."

An Instagram account called What Fran Wore has begun documenting every ensemble Fran Fine zipped up during the show's six-year run — Alaïa, Leger, Dolce and the rest.

The "flashy girl from Flushing" was "the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan," according to the show's over-the-top theme song.

You have to see these looks.

Bedazzled, striped evening gown, anyone?

A little salsa-inspired Norma Kamali proves people loved off-the-shoulder tops before 2016.

Fran paired a barely-there crop top with leopard jeans. Of course she did.

Some people do military-themed. Fran really did military-themed.

Lime green Moschino, anybody?

This slip dress looks like the '90s vomited on it.

Vintage Fendi is cool by me, especially with a body that toned.

Miley Cyrus would die to borrow Fran's fruit Moschino minidress.

Sorry, Fran, we can't hear you over all that pattern.

This head band is a crime against humanity.

Dolce & Gabbana's classic rose print worked for Fran, too.

She loved to go literal with her looks.

And no amount of color scared her away.

The grand finale is a Bob Mackie number Madonna famously wore on the Oscars red carpet. Fran, who is your clothing hookup?

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