This Woman's Hilarious Selfie Editing Tips Will Change How You Instagram

It's no secret that people get a little filter-happy when it comes to editing their Instagram posts. Heck, I'm guilty of it myself.

But MTV's "Decoded" host, Francesca Ramsey, is out to highlight the best Instagram editing practices. And her advice is nothing short of genius.

In the YouTube star's video, "Five Honest Editing Tips for Instagram," Ramsey teaches her viewers how to make that not-so-hot bikini picture look fabulous. Honestly, I don't normally obsess over my Instagram posts, but I'm still down for looking fab.

Everyone wants to make improvements to their Instagrams, and Ramsey offers the best advice you can find.

How does she make these improvements, you ask? Why, Photoshop, of course! Nothing like good old photoshop to help you adhere to the beauty standards society pushes on you!

In an attempt to make her self-proclaimed "flaws" (aka a cameltoe that doesn't exist, a "pregnancy glow" and not enough booty) seem less noticeable, she photoshops everything around her instead of her actual body. It's pretty entertaining.

For example, to fix that pesky cameltoe, Ramsey suggests photoshopping a camel into the pic. Yup, a legit camel. It quickly becomes clear that this video isn't offering any actual editing advice; Ramsey's just out to highlight how ridiculous people are about Instagram. And I'm all for it.

If you're feeling chubby, Ramsey recommends enlarging everything else in the picture instead of changing your own bod. She, for example, enlarged some small potted plants so they were bigger than she was.

This one is honestly revolutionary because now I can completely forget about literally all exercise forever and just make everything else in my pics triple their normal size. Simple, yet effective. I like it.

She adds in some more "helpful" hints, but the gist of the video is that the pressure we all feel to look perfect in our Instagrams is ridiculous. Loving yourself is more important than loving your selfie.

She says,

Don't compare yourself to Instagram photos, most of it's fake.

Thanks, girl. You're right.