This Infographic Breaks Down Exactly What It Takes For A Woman To Orgasm

You may not see this kind of infographic on heavy rotation in The New York Times, but this colorful chart is sure to make a serious splash across the Internet.

Thanks to Harvard University researcher Dr. Justin Lehmiller, this infographic details when women typically tend to orgasm during a hook-up.

Called the "orgasm gap" (and apparently the subject of many a sex-ed research projects), the chart shows that women are more likely to finish when they find themselves in a committed relationship.

According to Lehmiller, the chances of orgasming from vaginal intercourse increase from 37 percent to 45 percent when the woman wants a relationship. We like those odds.

Another fun fact from the online survey, which studied the behavior of 13,484 women from 21 colleges and universities around the US, is that the probability of orgasm is largely dependent on the number of sexual experiences the female has had with that particular partner.

The optimal orgasm potential is reached with six-plus previous hookups, which really just means that practice makes perfect.

And speaking of practice... the survey also found that women are bound to be more excited when additional sexual activities occur prior to and during intercourse. It might be stating the obvious, but it's nice to know science is also on our side. Click to enlarge:

via Huffington Post, Photo credit: Shutterstock