Indian Woman Brutally Murders Father After He Repeatedly Raped Her For Three Years

In a grisly show of revenge, one New Delhi woman murdered her father years after he initially started raping and abusing her.

For now 23-year-old Kulvinder Kaur, her nightmare began shortly after the death of her mother three years ago. It was then her father, Daljeet Singh, started physically abusing her, and eventually raped her repeatedly.

Additional Commissioner of Police for West Delhi Ranvir Singh said Kaur endured the years of abuse because her father threatened her into submission.

"She alleged her father made physical advances towards her and exploited her. If she objected, she was beaten up and threatened."

On the evening of April 30, Kaur ended the cycle of abuse in a similarly violent fashion. She left the doors of her house open, and planned for two male friends to slip in. They bludgeoned the 56-year-old to death with a cricket bat.

Kaur then used a shard of glass to stab her father's chest, cutting him open and removing his pacemaker.

The three dumped the body in a forested area nearby, where it was recovered by the police. Officials have since identified Kaur's accomplices as 22-year-old tattoo artist Prince Sandhu and 23-year-old apparel showroom worker Ashok Sharma.

Although police have also seized the blood-stained cricket stump, knife, glass shards and the car used to transport the body, there's no word on how Kaur and her friends will be charged.

H/T: Opposing Views, Photo Credit: Getty Images