Ann Taylor May Have Just Committed The Worst Photoshop Mistake In Human History (Photos)

When will retailers learn?

Following Target's epic Photoshop fail, you would think there'd be more of an emphasis on making sure that online women's advertisements actually, you know, resemble a real woman's body.

But, from freakishly long hands to missing vaginas, Ann Taylor has now joined the ranks of fashion brands that distort the female form entirely in attempt to sell clothes. This time, the clothing manufacturer seemingly removed a chunk of one model's midsection.

As you can imagine, this virtual hack job only makes the model look much worse. With her body awkwardly torqued in a blue bikini, it's noticeable that approximately half of her ribcage mysteriously disappeared.

And clearly, consumers agree. Once the image went live on the website, many disgruntled Ann Taylor shoppers took to Twitter to discuss their disgust with the retailer's treatment of a body that seemed perfectly normal and functional, pre-edit.

The gist of their complaints reflect a concern that Ann Taylor is just another brand that perpetuates an impossible standard for the "perfect" bikini body.

In this case, though, since the model is literally missing half of torso, it's more of a factual gripe than a complaint; this particular model's standard of "beauty" is impossible indeed.

A spokesperson for Ann Taylor has since responded to the incident, citing that the model's photo was only "minimally retouched" to airbrush out a tattoo.

Well, they definitely got the tattoo... and like a handful of additional inches from her waistline. So... mission accomplished.

via Huffington Post, Photo Courtesy: Ann Taylor Loft