This One Minute Collection Of All The Images A Woman Sees In Her Lifetime Demonstrates What Makes Them Insecure

Everyday women are bombarded with advertisements encouraging them to be tighter, happier, better, which is why it's important that we -- friends, mentors, parents -- talk to young girls' about self-worth before the beauty industry does.

The latest campaign from Dove advocates the need for improving our media literacy skills, so that when we're faced with overwhelming images of photoshopped women, they no longer have a persuasive effect on us.

"Rather than accepting these images by never accepting ourselves, we can reject the values this industry spins, seeing a beauty in people the ad industry could never understand." Well said.

If one picture is worth a thousand words, what can we say about the millions of photos depicting idealized portrayals of women? Maybe it's less about what we have to say and more about what we have to proactively do to instill better awareness of the media in impressionable girls.

It all begins with an eye-opening look into what a woman really sees everyday.

Via: Films For Action, Top Photo Courtesy: YouTube