Packing On Pounds For The Cold: Women Are 7.4 Lbs Heavier During The Winter Months


I admit that my weight fluctuates throughout the seasons. I eat like crap in the winter because why should I give a f*ck? Most of the time I’ll be covered up in a winter coat that’s bigger than I am, and if someone does see me naked…hopefully it will be in the dark.

When summer rolls around, it’s a different story. I panic about my figure and feel guilty when I eat more than a piece of lettuce. If you can relate, we aren’t alone my friends.

In fact, a recent study reported by Daily Mail found that a woman’s weight increases at an average of 7.4 pounds in the winter months. That is more than half of the weight of stone…yeah. That’s not all. According to the research, a woman's weight fluctuates by 1.6 stones throughout their lifetime.

That can’t be healthy.

The reason behind this is that so many of us “yo-yo diet” - aka we feed into our cravings like scavengers one week and then starve ourselves the next. It may shock you that only 7 percent of women report maintaining a balanced weight all year round.

That means 93 percent of women pack on the pounds for winter. It’s safe to say that we have a problem, but hey, at least we’re in it together! Except for those bitches in the 7 percent.

Via: Daily Mail, Photo via Tumblr