This Gorgeous 'Icicle' Hair Is The Newest Winter Trend You Need To Try


As chic as glitter roots look, they're a bitch to wash out.

If you've ever tried getting glitter out of your hair after a concert, you'd get what I mean.

That sh*t stays with you for weeks. In fact, I still find glitter particles on my pillowcase from back when I got glitter bombed in August.

If you're all about the sparkle but don't want to commit to a lifetime of finding random glittery bits on your clothes, bed and in your boyfriend's pubes, icicle hair just might be the thing for you.

According to Seventeen, icicle hair was created by NYC-based blowout and extensions bar RPZL.

Upon first glance, you may be reminded of tinsel-inspired locks, a hair trend from several years back.


For this trend, however, each piece is metallic interwoven with silver, as opposed to the bright shades tinsel hair was all about.


The best part? Each strand is a clip-in extension, so you can easily remove your sparkle after making a champagne toast and getting your New Year's kiss.


You don't have to break open your piggy bank for a set of icicles, either. RPZL can make you look like an ice princess for $25.

Sorry, Elsa.

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