'I Touch Myself' Is One Of The Most Powerful Breast Cancer PSAs You'll Ever See (Video)

This is a breast cancer awareness anthem like no other -- but then again, that's how the song's original singer, Chrissy Amphlett, wanted it.

When The Divinyls frontwoman realized that her breast cancer was terminal, she set out to make her famous song, "I Touch Myself," no longer about celebrating a woman's sexuality.

Instead, it became about raising awareness of the threat of breast cancer and encouraging women to perform regular self-screenings.

With the help of Australian advocacy group, Cancer Council South Wales, and a group of Australian singers, Amphlett's hope has become a reality, even though she succumbed to her cancer in April of last year.

These groups recently introduced a music video for an a cappella version of the song.

Featuring the famous voice of breast cancer survivor Olivia Newton-John and others, the women in the video sing topless in order to encourage women to perform regular self-examinations.

The last part of the spot might be slightly NSFW, but this poignant black-and-white video is definitely worth a watch.

H/T: Huffington Post