Who Runs the World? 5 Ways to Tell If You're a HBIC

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As Ludacris said in 2002, "Move b*tch, get out the way." That song is always going through the head of a HBIC.

If you aren’t up-to date on your Urban Dictionary game, HBIC stands for “head bitch in charge.” In a more tasteful manner, it's another word for lady boss.

HBICs are everywhere. They are working in the office as executives, out shopping by themselves, at lunch with friends or coworkers, traveling across the world to different cities, raising money for charities and supporting families at home.

A HBIC gets things done and nothing can get in her way. She is persistent, successful, driven, confident and always on her toes. She demands respect and expects success in all aspects of her life.

In my eyes, being a HBIC is a great thing. She is usually very successful and respected by everyone: coworkers, friends, family members and even strangers.

It’s all in how a woman carries herself that distinguishes whether she is a HBIC or not. Women who are confident, strong, independent and motivated give off a HBIC vibe.

Wondering if you’re a HBIC? Well, now you can find out.

A HBIC doesn’t follow rules, she makes them.

As a strong, independent woman who is in charge, HBICs don’t follow rules. They either have their own rules or make them. It’s not that they’re rebellious or a tyrant, they just believe their way is the right way.

HBICs aren’t stubborn; they just believe they know what’s best. They are a boss for a reason.

Don’t question their rules, either. That’s just asking for it. Just say yes, of course, and walk away.

A HBIC is confident, yet modest.

She knows her strengths and weaknesses, but focuses on playing up her strengths.

Modesty is one of the best qualities a human being can possess. Cockiness is old and overrated, and self-awareness is admired and greatly respected.

Even though HBICs are confident, they, like the rest of humanity, have their weaknesses. HBICs are aware of their weaknesses. Instead of focusing on their flaws, they push their strengths and redeeming qualities first and then aim to improve their weaknesses.

Don’t call a HBIC out on her weaknesses; instead, praise her success and strengths. It's an easy way to earn her respect.

A HBIC doesn’t accept excuses; she expects results.

HBICs don’t accept “no” as an answer. Can’t perform? Too bad. Try again. Want to give up? Too bad. Try harder.

A HBIC doesn't accept failure. She respects persistence and determination because it’s what got her to where she is now. A HBIC respects those who show their admiration toward her. She is critical of her work and, therefore, is critical of others' work as well.

Want to impress a HBIC? Go above and beyond. And don’t forget to compliment her. She loves compliments.

A HBIC can be feared, but she would much rather be respected and admired.

Picture this: A confident woman walks by you; her head is up, shoulders are back and just by her power walk, you can tell she’s a boss.

It can be a little intimidating. Sometimes HBICs are feared because they speak their minds and can be blunt. It’s what makes them so great. A HBIC is not afraid to give her opinion. Thus, sometimes she is feared.

However, under the thick skin, is a human being wanting respect. Don’t fear a HBIC. Respect her. Once you show her you admire her success and work, you’ll earn some respect back.

You’ve been told you’re a HBIC.

Pretty self-explanatory.

Don’t let that get to your head. Now go out and prove it.