How To Distress Denim If You Have Absolutely No Clue WTF You're Doing

by Niki McGloster

A pair of quality denim that hugs your frame just right is a hotter commodity than your favorite sex toy.

Like "Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants," these jeans were most likely purchased on a whim, miraculously snug no matter how many wine spills or Subways seats they've endured.

Appropriate for every season, they're a specific, necessary staple in your wardrobe. No doubt they're perfect, but they can always be better.

Taking on a DIY project with your fav pair of dungarees may sound scarier than a pap smear. With our step-by-step guide, we make distressing your jeans to perfection super easy -- even for girls who are less Martha Stewart and more Amy Schumer.

Here's how it's done:

Gather your materials.

Listen, if you're not naturally handy, don't trip. Do your best at finding all the proper materials for this project. It's perfectly fine to swap out the Home Depot-approved items for household finds that still get the job done. I mean, life is one big improv anyway, right?

1. Snatch up a piece of cardboard. Feel free to tear if from a box that's laying around. Its job is to keep you from tearing into the back of your trousers, so don't worry yourself over how it looks.

2. Instead of sandpaper –– because, seriously, who has that just laying around –– dig out an emery board from your beauty bag. You'll use this to give your pants a boost of thrifty fashion.

3. To make necessary cuts to your denim, you'll need a sharp edge. A kitchen knife, scissors or a blade (pictured) will do the trick, just be sure it's sharp enough to slice through thick fabric.

4. All those complicated how-to videos suggest tweezers, but a push-pin point can separate fabrics with better precision. Choose whichever you're more comfortable with.

Step 1. Slip cardboard in your jeans

Step 2. Grab your blade and make strips

Step 3. Use your push pin to loosen and separate fabric

Step 4. Pull away stray pieces to further expose distressed areas

Step 5. Make your jeans appear more vintage with a nail file

No distress necessary!

Celine Rahman