F*ck, Marry, Kill: The Disney Prince Edition You Didn't Know You Needed

My very first crush wasn't John Stamos or Leonardo DiCaprio; it was Prince Eric. I knew then and there I would one day marry someone with jet black hair, blue eyes, dimples and an affinity for badass breeches.

As I got older, my palate grew to include some real men, -- namely those I saw on TV in the movies -- but I never did quite get over my Prince Eric crush.

He might've been dumber than whatever lingers under the sea, but he was fine as f*ck and I totally would've played Ursula's game and kicked silly Ariel to the curb.

Seeing as F*ck, Marry, Kill is hands down the modern version of MASH, we knew it was necessary to play it with our very first crushes ever: Disney princes.

Choose your poison carefully, ladies. Unless you want a prince to rescue you, then by all means, poison away!

Round 1

The no name guys: Prince Ferdinand, Prince Charming, Prince Phillip

Round 2

The not really princes: Aladdin, Flynn Rider, John Smith

To be fair, both Aladdin and Flynn eventually become princes and we're all about that. Strive for the stars, gentlemen.

Round 3

The furry edition: Robin Hood, Simba, the Beast

Round 4

Princes who kick ass: Prince Eric, Li Shang, Hercules

Round 5

The way too sensitive guys: Tarzan, Kristoff, Prince Naveen