17 Hot Men In Beanies Will Make You Lose Your Cool (Photos)

by Niki McGloster

With the recent help of Drake, all eyes are on thick, full beards. But here's another B-word men are currently obsessed with: beanies.

Now that the weather's cooled, and layers are as necessary as pre-ordering Adele's next album, men are covering their man-styles with cozy hats. And we couldn't be more happy about it.

Hats can be misleading on men -- what if he's hiding a head like Ne-Yo's underneath?! But unlike silly fedoras or paperboy caps, beanies can transform Chris Brown into Chris Hemsworth.

So, let's take a minute to thank the Instagram gods these #MenInBeanies exist.

Back in 2013, Huffington Post reported that while women wore beanies religiously, men hated them.

Little did we know, men were secretly plotting to steal our style and start a resurgence we'd come to appreciate.

Now, #meninbeanies are popping up everywhere, like in front of ocean views, for instance.

Not even warm weather stops these studs from swaddling their heads in knitted fabric.

Let us not forget Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy pioneered this hat trend back in 2009, before Instagram guys discovered it.

Now, beanies are sartorial choices for more than just punk rocker boys.

Pretty boys are getting in on the action, too.

At this point, we understand their fixation with the cap.

Come on, look at how this simple hat makes him look better.

However, we must ask. Does the beanie make music better?

Does it enhance the hot springs experience with your bros?

How about that lazy day on the couch?

We may never know why, but #meninbeanies make things better.

Beanies can even turn your casual outfit into a nice "Where's Waldo" costume for Halloween.

Even celebrities understand they look better in beanies. (Hi, Trevor Noah.)

So, moms, start your boys early.

Because they could grow up looking pretty fine.