FYI: We Decoded What Each Of H&M's Crazy-Specific Labels Really Means

by Emily Arata

Visiting an H&M store is much like entering some dystopian society.

Within minutes of pushing through the fast fashion chain's glass doors, rules stop applying. Sale racks are stuffed with sneaky full priced items (beware!), two grown women fight it out over the same cotton dress and the line for the changing rooms wraps around an entire section of the store. But, that's what we're willing to go through in the name of decently priced clothes.

While we can't present you with a guide to not being stampeded on H&M's Black Friday, we can help expedite the shopping process. It seems as if the store has dozens of different clothing labels, each indicating a collection so precise and nuanced that it's never once mentioned on the shop's walls.

White font on silky fabric? It could mean anything.

After scouting our local H&M for every tag available, we compiled a handy cheat sheet detailing what all those varieties of color and style tags mean. Shopping just got a little easier.

Studio Collection

What it is: H&M's highest quality line of clothing, staged in seasonal runway shows like any luxury brand.

Fabrics used: Suede, wool, leather.

Premium Quality

What it is: Stylish home and clothing pieces made from quality materials.

Fabrics used: Leather, suede, linen.


What it is: H&M's attempt to make fast fashion sustainable, by partnering with ethical factories and regularly reporting  on standards and goals.

Fabrics used: Cotton, lyocell, spandex.


What it is: If there's something you've seen in Saks but can't quite afford, H&M will provide you with a similar style at a budget-friendly price point.

Fabrics used: Silk, linen, nylon.


What it is: H&M gets festive with its line of embellished partywear, perfect for both the club and the barbecue. It's chic without trying too hard to be Zara.

Fabrics used:  Satin, lace, chiffon.

Modern Classics

What it is: The line features inexpensively priced office staples, perfect for dressing up and down. Even the most uptight office dress code will let these pieces in.

Fabrics used: Cotton, polyester, acrylic.

Label of Graded Goods (L.O.G.G.)

What it is: This is the closest H&M will ever get to LL Bean or mommy blogging. The collection features a heavy focus on nautical prints, rain jackets and old-fashioned Americana.

Fabrics used:  Cotton, rayon, modal.


What it is: This is the line that pads the wardrobes of college students everywhere, rivaling Forever 21 for most affordable purchase.

Fabrics used:  Polyester, acrylic, polyurethane.


What it is: H&M's in-house line of all things denim, easy as that.

Fabrics used: Cotton, spandex.


What it is: If any knit in your closet rips, this is the line that'll replace it. Soft fabrics in classic silhouettes make the perfect loungewear if you aren't fussed about longevity or fabric.

Fabrics used: Rayon, polyester, spandex.